Everyday Skincare Essentials

Everyday Skincare Essentials

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There are a number of potential contributors to our skin acting up. Over production of sebum (that's the waxy, sticky film on the surface of the skin), moisture loss, diet and lifestyle changes affect our gland and hormonal functions, and in addition to environmental stressors (sun, wind and pollution), may lead to acne, irritated or inflamed, overly oily or extremely dry and dehydrated skin.

We can actively keep on top of our diet and lifestyle - like staying hydrated and consuming more fresh fruit and veggies; and heeding practical and preventative measures to protect our skin from sun protection to using effective skincare products.

But did you know that using face oils rich in antioxidant compounds may also help and protect against oxidative damage in the skin tissues?* 

Chia Oil is rich in antioxidants and also high in naturally occurring zinc. Its exceptionally high levels of omega fatty acids, along with vitamins and minerals, make it a nourishing oil - helping regenerate skin tissues and aids in treating skin issues like acne, scarring and sun damage.

Kiss Ready Skin Light Chia Oil is blended with other equally impressive plant oils to be easily absorbed by the skin, to help deliver natural goodness from nutrient-rich and hydrating botanical sources.

Apply generously on face and exposed skin, then layer over your everyday sunscreen. This product may also be used daily for its reparative properties.

* Source: Parker, Susan M. Power of the Seed, 2014.


Written by Louella Docot


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