Our Story

Welcome to the Kiss Ready Family!

At Kiss Ready, we make everything by hand and with a lot of care and love.

We select every natural ingredient, sourcing local and using food grade when we can to bring you simple, uncomplicated but effective natural skincare.

All our products are enriched with omega-rich Australian grown Chia Seed oil. We also love plants, oils, clays and minerals not too far away from home. We thoughtfully handcraft in small batches to create natural skincare products which are not just good for the skin, but the planet too. 

Yes, we're all about spreading the love, so be assured - our products have been formulated to minimise the use of unnecessary ingredients that can harm the environment or stress out our little animal friends. Our packaging is mostly glass and from recycled or recyclable content to leave as little footprint on Mother Earth.



Hi, I'm Louella. I formulate and craft Kiss Ready products by hand.


You could say I'm a bit of a Chia expert. Kiss Ready is inspired by my time working for the Australian farmers of Chia seeds. Impressed with the nutritional, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Chia seed oil, I started formulating chia enriched natural skincare in 2014.

My love for natural remedies started at a young age growing up in the Philippines, surrounded by my grandmother's traditional and botanical concoctions. In 2002, I moved to New Zealand and was fortunate to learn about its unique flora and fauna and their healing properties. I worked for a healthcare company and got to build my knowledge on how natural ingredients are harvested and harnessed to create truly clean and effective natural products. 

In 2012, I relocated to Australia to work for the Australian farmers of Chia seeds and that is how I discovered about it's amazing nutritional benefits to the skin and our overall health and wellbeing. 


Today, I'm based in Sydney with my partner and our energetic five year old son (he makes an appearance on our Instagram stories every now and then). You will see us most weekends in handmade markets, spreading the love for natural products!

My fascination with and passion for natural ingredients and formulation live on... I'm constantly studying, researching and road testing my products. I was last seen by friends smeared with my latest creations - natural ingredients which are equally luxurious and effective.

Thank you for visiting our page. I hope you enjoy using our natural products.