We love it when we hear from you! Here are some of the natural love we have received from our customers and friends.



I'm into the second week of using the products and I so looooooove it. I know my lines and wrinkles will not go away, but my face is so happy. I love the Tropical Scrub on my face. So amazing how it cleans my face. After which I use the Face Mist then Chia Face Oil. Then I leave the Face Balm overnight. I wake up my face is feeling soooo good that I would not want to put on any foundation. Your products are the best. Now my concern is getting replenishments because I don't want to run out. I also want to try the Face Mask.

SB, New Zealand, via Facebook 



A couple of months ago, I shared a recipe for an easy and effective homemade deodorant that I've been using for the last year. Unfortunately it's recently been irritating me, which my googling tells me is sometimes caused by the baking soda (and probably exacerbated by all the chlorine from the pool 🏊🏻😳). I've adjusted the recipe on my blog to include less baking soda, and meanwhile I've been using this amazing natural (and baking soda free) deodorant by Kiss Ready. I picked it up on a whim when I spotted it while in Melbourne and have been very impressed! I really like the subtle rose scent and how soothing it feels. It sells for just under $10 and for what seems like a tiny (glass!) jar, it seems to stretch a long way. Definitely a fan!

Ashlee @onefairday, Australia via Instagram


Unfortunately, I have not had the best of luck with natural deodorants (sensitivity and irritation) but this is the first natural deodorant that is calming and simply beautiful to use. It has a lovely subtle scent and is highly effective (even on a warm day). It does not cause any irritation, even after shaving, and does not leave any white residue behind (like some other natural deodorants!) It is so nourishing and my armpits feel smoother as a result. It's enriched with chia, blended with natural antimicrobial Tea tree oil, vegan and is both aluminium-free and sodium bicarb-free. I cannot say enough about this lovely product.

Lisa @lisa_loves_skincare, NSW, Australia via Instagram



I purchased some of your chia oil for my mum who suffered from really bad eczema... and the product is amazing! It is the only thing which has worked. I have also been using some for myself as I have some bad acne scarring for which I have been trying to get rid for years and after only three days of using this product I am already seeing results. We both love this product which is super light and gives our skin a lovely healthy glow.

Charlotte, AUS via email


Filled with chia oil goodness and natural ingredients, it is so hydrating and nourishing on the skin. It absorbs quickly and my skin just glows afterwards.

Lisa @lisa_loves_skincare, New South Wales, AUS via Instagram


I'm in my late 30s and my skin can't quite decide if it still wants to be that sensitive combination skin that it's always been or move on to a more demanding drier skin. Means I've got very dry cheeks and a pimple prone chin area. Normal face creams could not stretch to satisfy both the dry and oily parts. But this oil finally helped to balance my skin and bring back a healthy glow... only two drops are enough for the whole face and neck, means a bottle lasts a long time. There is no greasy film and make up can be applied immediately after the oil without waiting for it to be soaked up by the skin. I'm glad I've found the perfect care that works for my skin.

Britta, New Zealand



One I've been using for quite a while pretty much anywhere that is dry! I carry this with me for face, hands, knees, elbows, kids faces... everything. Although it's a face balm, I find its multipurpose actions so fruitful, I use it on everything. I also used it on my belly when pregnant with Elias and it did such a great job at protecting my every stretching belly! It is completely natural with minimal ingredients and oil based without the density of a thick oil. It also doubles as a brilliant oil cleanser or make up remover! Multipurpose eat your heart out!

Brig, VIC, Australia, via Instagram



It is soooo hydrating. It has a beautiful even mist and feels so dense in moisture due to the genius addition of sweet almond, chia, geranium and vitamin E, there is no watery aftermath; just rich yet lightweight misting of pure ingredients to benefit the skin.

Brig, VIC, Australia, via Instagram



Pretty much just smeared a green smoothie on my face but my skin feels amazing!

Sarah @sarahdawnmitchell, VIC, Australia via Instagram


This is like a powdered salad for your face, when mixed with water creates a seriously green mask. Kale & spinach are mixed with organic oats, chia, ginger, carrot seed, rosemary in a base of zeolite minerals and bentonite clay. My skin feels so soft & smooth after using this.

Michelle @m.s.sophia, ACT, Australia via Instagram


Finally got to trying this last night and it was much needed as I've had a mini breakout this week along my forehead and chin due to lack of sleep and hormonal fluctuations so I was needing something soothing, anti inflammatory and red reducing! Enter She-Hulk in this green beauty mask.

This green bomb of greatness hit it on the head... with beautiful ingredients including a superfood complex (oats, kale, spinach, chia and acai), zeolite minerals, bentonite clay, seed and bush antioxidant oil blend (sweet almond, kunzea, ginger, carrot seed and rosemary), this powerhouse absolutely flooded my face with nutritious content and reintroduced it to a glow that greeted me this morning!

A brilliant mask that I would highly recommend for anyone with redness, skin irritation or sensitive. It is gorgeous, thick, cooling and soothing.

Brig, VIC, Australia via Instagram



This little pot of all natural goodness is the best addition to my nighttime routine. It is such a gorgeously lightweight, yet supple, soft skin evoker!

I'm not usually a fan of balms for my face as I find they sit on the skin and I often just feel congested and oil while I end up rubbing my face so often it probably just rubs off defeating the purpose! But this little baby is semi-absorbent (meaning it soaks in beautifully but still leaves the lightly oiled feel) and leaves your skin SOOOOO SOFT for days! 

It is super hydrating and a little truly goes a long way. I am adoring this addition to my life.

Brig, VIC, Australia, via Instagram



Lightly scented magnesium and oats bath soak with scents of rose geranium and eucalyptus. Vegan and cruelty free. This was a soothing and relaxing bath and loved the ingredients. My body was all happy.

Juanita @juanita_heart, Byron Bay, Australia via Instagram



These are a huge hit at my house, my boys love scooping out the finely powdered dissolvable colloidal oats and watching them swirl in the water, the smell is not overpowering for kids, but soft and gentle, which is how their skin feels when they are dry afterwards.

Brooke @hello_skin, VIC, Australia via Instagram



I have been using this on my 2 yr old for a few months now and I love it!

My kids often get dry eczema patches when they are run down and this has been a godsend for my little squishy man who has the softest of skin!

Kiss Ready has the most beautifully smooth, lightweight, hydrating and COMPLETELY NATURAL range of skincare products for mamas and their babes! I still gush over the lip balm daily! Literally... creepy I know, but it's like lip silk!!!!

I highly recommend this for all mamas looking for a lightweight, low scent, natural and safe skincare range for their babes from birth to toddlerhood. Absolutely love and highly recommend it.

Brig, VIC, Australia via Instagram



The Mama Soak has been used nearly every night this week to combat my sore body from long hours at work and school, my legs in particular have benefitted from this soak, as the chia has nourished my dry skin and the magnesium has helped relax me.

Brooke @hello_skin, VIC, Australia via Instagram