Kiss Ready Skin Omega Face Balm


This gentle face balm combines the hydrating properties of omega rich plant based oils and the exfoliating benefits of finely ground oats. A natural every day cleansing balm for removing daily makeup, it gently removes dirt to unclog pores, nourish and soften skin. 

Fragrance-free and no essential oils, a good natural skincare option for expecting or nursing mums; of those with sensitivities to essential oils.

Ingredients: Shea butter, ground oats, sweet almond oil, chia seed oil, macadamia oil, olive oil, candelilla wax and vitamin E

Handmade in Australia, vegan, cruelty-free


Customer Reviews

"This little pot of all natural goodness is the best addition to my nighttime routine. It is such a gorgeously lightweight, yet supple, soft skin evoker!

I'm not usually a fan of balms for my face as I find they sit on the skin and I often just feel congested and oil while I end up rubbing my face so often it probably just rubs off defeating the purpose! But this little baby is semi-absorbent (meaning it soaks in beautifully but still leaves the lightly oiled feel) and leaves your skin SOOOOO SOFT for days! 

It is super hydrating and a little truly goes a long way. I am adoring this addition to my life."

Brig, Melbourne, via Instagram

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