Kiss Ready Skin Omega Face Balm


60g glass jar | A gentle face balm combining the hydrating properties of omega rich plant  oils. A cleansing balm to remove makeup, whilst nourishing the skin. 

Free from essential oils, this product is also ideal for expecting or nursing mums and those with sensitive skin.


Our Hero Ingredients

Shea butter - nourishing and soothing

Chia seed oil - with antioxidant properties for skin radiance

Natural vitamin E - known to repair and protect the skin 


Customer Reviews

"This little pot of all natural goodness is the best addition to my nighttime routine. It is such a gorgeously lightweight, yet supple, soft skin evoker!

I'm not usually a fan of balms for my face as I find they sit on the skin and I often just feel congested and oil while I end up rubbing my face so often it probably just rubs off defeating the purpose! But this little baby is semi-absorbent (meaning it soaks in beautifully but still leaves the lightly oiled feel) and leaves your skin SOOOOO SOFT for days! 

It is super hydrating and a little truly goes a long way. I am adoring this addition to my life."

Brig, Melbourne, via Instagram