Hand Sanitiser Spray 50ml

Hand Sanitiser Spray 50ml

Nothing beats hand washing with soap and water. But when you're on the move and there's none?

Our new Hand Sanitiser Spray combines Active Ingredient Isopropyl Alcohol* with Australia's natural antimicrobial Tea Tree oil. 

Aloe Vera helps soften the skin and a hint of Peppermint to delight the senses.

*Formulated in accordance with the World Health Organisation's guidelines



Spray and rub hands till dry. Repeat as necessary.

Active Ingredient: Isopropyl Alcohol 


Batch 3 is here!

Thanks to our amazing suppliers, we sourced ingredients to run another batch this week.

Like our first and second micro-production runs, the third batch is formulated in accordance with World Health Organisation's guidelines.

Due to shortage in packaging, the third batch will have white spray mist lids, but will still be packed in glass amber bottles.


Limit to 2 per person still encouraged.

Apologies we are unable to ship internationally for this product at this time.


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