Hand Sanitiser Spray 50ml

Hand Sanitiser Spray 50ml

When you're on the move and can't wash your hands...

Our new Hand Sanitiser Spray combines Active Ingredient Isopropyl Alcohol* with Australia's Tea Tree oil. 

Aloe Vera helps soften hands. Australian botanicals delight the senses with the hint of tea tree and peppermint.

*Formulated to World Health Organisation's guidelines



Spray and rub hands till dry. Repeat as necessary.

Active Ingredient: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 

Apologies -  we are unable to ship this product overseas at this time.


Order Timeline and Postage/ Shipping Information:

Same day - Order Receipt and Packing

Next day - Shipping and Postage 

Tracking information will be emailed as soon as orders are received and lodged with Australia Post. 

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