DIY Botanical Heart Soaps


Learn how to make heart soaps using two techniques:

1. Pastel soaps using a white glycerin base with plant oils

2. Glossy bright soaps using a crystal glycerin base with plant oils


Our workshop will also demonstrate techniques on how to:

1. Scent your soaps safely with essential oils

2. Add mineral-based colours to your soaps

3. Use foundation knowledge on aromatherapy and perfumery to make your signature scent

4. Use special ingredients to make handmade soaps even more nourishing


A DIY kit will be supplied, which includes everything to make 4 x bars of your very own personalised soaps:

- White glycerin base (500g)

- Crystal glycerin base (500g)

- Two kinds of food grade silicone moulds to make up to 6 bars of soap

- Three kinds of minerals to colour your soap naturally

- Two essential oils and special nourishing ingredient 


Extra: Add another set of ingredients to make more soaps to gift to friends and loved ones (Scroll down menu for Option)