Natural Deodorant


Hot yoga teacher @barbora_yoga describes our natural deodorant as 'Simply amazing. I've used it on some busy days which means a couple of hot yoga classes and running from one place to another. You can imagine it gets pretty sweaty! I use the deodorant right after shaving and unlike traditional deodorants, this one doesn't sting and does not irritate the skin at all. Quite the opposite! It's amazingly nourishing and calming. It feels like a balm for my armpits! Some natural deodorants can be clumpy and powdery, which doesn't work for me. The Kiss Ready deodorant has the perfect consistency and nice, subtle scent. I love it!!!'

A natural deodorant option which helps nourish the skin while protecting underarms. Elegant rose geranium, blended with Australian tea tree oil. This product is aluminium-free and bicarb soda-free. Ideal for sensitive skin.



Shea butter, chia oil*, sweet almond oil, oat flour*, candelilla wax, rose geranium oil, tea tree oil*, rosemary extract oil.

*Australian grown




The last two days have been 33 degrees and I don’t stink! I’ve been wearing my new Kiss Ready Skin Natural Deodorant whilst I’ve been sweating, it doesn’t stink! So thrilled that I’ve found another bicarb free, Aussie made, natural deodorant that works! 

Anissa @beautifullyglossy, Western Australia, Australia via Instagram


This deodorant just melts in your fingers and rubs on beautifully. The scent is lovely and my armpits sweat less with no odours. I can say I'm very impressed with the consistency of this deodorant and also how easy it is to apply. Definitely a great product, check this range out.

@juanita_heart, Byron Bay, Australia via Instagram


A couple of months ago, I shared a recipe for an easy and effective homemade deodorant that I've been using for the last year. Unfortunately it's recently been irritating me, which my googling tells me is sometimes caused by the baking soda (and probably exacerbated by all the chlorine from the pool). I've adjusted the recipe on my blog to include less baking soda, and meanwhile I've been using this amazing natural (and baking soda free) deodorant by Kiss Ready. I picked it up on a whim when I spotted it while in Melbourne and have been very impressed! I really like the subtle rose scent and how soothing it feels... and for what seems like a tiny (glass!) jar, it seems to stretch a long way. Definitely a fan!

Ashlee @onefairday, Australia via Instagram