Sweat it, baby!

Sweat it, baby!

Still not sure about natural deodorants?

Sweating is a natural function which allows our body to regulate temperature. During summer and physical activity (like exercising), our body heats up, and to cope with the change in internal temperature, sweating allows our body not to overheat by cooling it down.

Natural deodorants do not alter body functions, it neutralises odour. Natural deodorants have come a long way, with many brands using real, natural ingredients like Australian tea tree oil for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 

Are you ready to give natural deodorant a go?

KISS READY SKIN Natural Deodorant is lightly scented with skin-loving pure geranium oil and blended with Australian Tea tree oil. Aluminium-free and bicarb-soda free, it is also gentle and nourishing, especially good for sensitive skin or those who have previously reacted to other brands with bicarb-soda.

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