Plant-based face cleansers

Facial cleansing demystified: Oil cleanser or foaming face wash?

Do you oil cleanse? Do you use a foaming facial cleanser? 

Ahh, who would have thought cleansing would be so complicated nowadays?

Here's how to decipher the jargon and help you choose the best kind of facial cleansers which are most suitable for your skin type.

First of all, climate and weather do play a part in it. As the skin adjusts to the change in season, so must our skincare products and routines. 

During autumn and winter, the skin needs extra help to maintain moisture. As temperature drops, using oil-based products help keep the moisture in our lipids. Products like oil cleansers and face oil provide a physical barrier between the external environment and skin tissues, minimising dryness from cold winter temperatures and dry air.

And as it gets warmer, the skin starts to produce more sebum (naturally occurring oils in our skin) and moisture through sweat. This is when we tend to swap our winter skincare products for those which are lighter in texture and feel.

Water-based products help keep the skin hydrated when hot and humid weather kicks in. But keep in mind that warmer weather doesn't mean we have to completely stop using plant based facial oils. There are lighter (or dry oils) especially rich in antioxidants which are amazing in helping balance naturally occurring oils and moisture in the skin.

Your skin type is also important to consider when choosing the right skincare products for you. Dehydrated skin responds well to water-based products, but it is even more necessary for those with dry skin as it preps and improves absorption rates of oil-based products. 

Here's a cheat sheet which I've prepared for our customers who are looking to use simple but effective facial cleansers. Plus, these are made from natural and naturally-derived ingredients and use glass packaging, these cleansers tick the boxes for the planet too. 

Bright+Fresh is a new range of cleansers to help "un-complicate" facial cleansing.

Bright+Fresh feature plant-based ingredients known for their cleansing and astringent properties (astringent simply means it tightens or tones the skin). Oils like lemon, rosemary and witch hazel counteract the over production of sebum, whilst helping to brighten dull-looking complexion. The skin also loves Vitamin  E. It is naturally present in the skin, but depletes over time with increased sun exposure, naturally derived Vitamin E is one of our hero ingredients too.

Bright is a light Cleansing Oil, refreshing to both the skin and the senses. Simply massage on skin and wipe off. For a well-deserved, indulgent spa experience at home, place a hot, wrung out washcloth over the skin for one or two minutes before patting the skin dry. This will open the pores and release the oils. The skin will feel softer and you will love how relaxing this experience is.

Fresh is a mild and gentle foaming cleanser, made with plant-based, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients. We've formulated and created the base ourselves so we can guarantee - it's efficient and foamy, but at the same time, so silky and luxurious, you wouldn't think it's a facial wash at all! I'm also loving the light, citrusy scent infused with the earthy hint of rosemary.


DRY SKIN Start with Fresh | Finish with Bright

OILY SKIN Start with Bright | Finish with Fresh

Depending on these factors;

  • If you are wearing heavy makeup and/or sun care products
    • Start with Bright | Finish with Fresh
  • If your skin is make-up free and relatively clean
    • Start with Fresh | Finish with Bright
Bright+Fresh is a new, refreshing way of facial cleansing and I can't wait for you to try it. Check out Bright+Fresh 

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