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Everything you need to know about Glowing Dawn Body Oil

Hi, I'm Louella, founder and maker of Kiss Ready products. Thanks for your interest in our range of natural skincare. This time of the year, just before Christmas parties begin and we head off to the beach, my inbox gets full with customers' questions on Glowing Dawn Body Oil.

If you're on a hurry and would like to read  FAQs straight away like... 

How do I use it?

How long does it last?

I'm super pale, would that work on me? 

Does it stain  clothes?

These and your most frequently asked questions, I've compiled them all, please scroll to the bottom of the article.

If you would also like to hear how I came to formulate a natural gradual tanning product, here is my story...

Eight years ago, one of my closest friends got married in India. I traveled to Mumbai for the first time to be a bride's maid in a traditional Indian wedding. 
One of the traditions is a Mehndi ceremony. Mehndi also known as henna, is associated with positive energy and good luck. The Mehndi ceremony is usually done a day before the wedding. The Bride and her bridesmaids are decorated exquisite Mehndi markings on their hands and feet. The traditional belief is that henna, a natural herb, cools down the body and helps relieve wedding jitters. Henna is applied to the hands and feet as is believed to help relax the nerve endings of our body. The markings take hours to complete. My hand markings alone took half a day.
As I admired them, I remember just being amazed by the whole experience. I grew up in South East Asia and have always been curious of henna, an ancient natural ingredient traditionally used to colour the hair and skin. After the wedding, my friends and I traveled around India and Nepal for three weeks and my hand markings faded gently and naturally.
When I returned to Melbourne, I was chatting to a friend, who was quite fair-skinned. She was frustrated that she could not tan at all. She was disappointed with the lack of natural options for fake tanning.
That was my light bulb moment!
I couldn't stop looking at my fading henna markings... My curiosity led to further research and experimentation. And henna, became the hero ingredient in Glowing Dawn Body Oil.
Glowing Dawn is my most popular product in Spring. I have quite a few customers who are obsessed with it and purchase it regularly throughout the year. 
Now, back to your questions.
How do I apply it?
It's best to apply on damp skin as Glowing Dawn is a rich blend of plant-based oils, henna and mica minerals. 
It doesn't seem to spread well on my skin, why?
If your skin barrier is compromised (dry or dehydrated), Glowing Dawn tend to rest on the outer epidermis or the outermost layer of the skin. Prep your skin by moisturising (water-based lotion) before applying Glowing Dawn, it will help improve your skin's absorption.
Also remember to shake the bottle well before use to disperse the minerals.
How does it work?
Glowing Dawn is an instant glow and gradual tan body oil. The tan builds over 21 days. Apply a layer a day to achieve a darker tan; or stop to fade it naturally.
Should I use it before bedtime?
Many of my customers actually love to wear it before going out as it has a beautiful shimmer! 
Would it stain my clothes or bedsheets?
Glowing Dawn is formulated with fast-absorbing oils. Depending on the health of your skin (how well it absorbs oil), there should be minimal bleed on fabric. I always recommend trying it whilst wearing an old cotton shirt.
Is it safe to use on the face?
I have customers who use it on the face. The minerals are lips and eye-safe. However, if you are new to henna, I suggest a patch test just under your jaw line to check that you are not allergic to it.
What else can I use it for?
- Even out or freshen up a spray tan
- Adjust or correct makeup, i.e. liquid foundation (as our skin's tone get warmer in the summer months, add a drop or two and mix with your foundation to match the skin)
- Bronzer/ highlighter to achieve dewy glowup
- Eye colour, cheek or lip taint
- To have fun!


And I also always get asked what makes Glowing Dawn Body Oil different from other tanning products...


Well, it’s henna, gold dust and that magical feeling of being transported to a special place. I hope you enjoy!


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