Antioxidants Face Mask

Antioxidants Face Mask

Harnessing Australia's best natural ingredients, the Superfoods Antioxidants Face Mask is a powerhouse of hydrating and anti-inflammatory nutrients to help deliver nourishment to dull and dry skin.

Australian certified organic oats, bentonite clays and volcanic minerals cleanse and exfoliate, whilst the Superfoods Complex combines Australian grown and nutrient-dense chia, kale and spinach with our Seed and Bush Antioxidants Blend of Australian plant oils Kunzea and sweet almond, acai, carrot seed and rosemary to aid hydrate and soothe dry and dehydrated skin.

The scent, colours and textures are earthy, woody and grounding; it is like walking through a lush green foliage of native Australian plants, an experience of calm and relaxation whilst you mask. 

30g makes up to 4 masks | 60g jar makes 7-8 masks



Biodynamic farmed and certified organic oat*, kale*, spinach*, bentonite clay, zeolite minerals*, sweet almond, chia*, kunzea*, ginger, carrot seed and rosemary extract oils

*Australian grown or locally-sourced


After cleansing, create paste and activate ingredients by mixing a teaspoon of face mask powder with approximately a tablespoon of water or oil to desired consistency. Apply mask on clean and slightly damp skin. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. 

You may continue to exfoliate and target problem areas by gently massaging with fingertips. Wash off completely.

Patch test before use.




Kiss Ready Face Mask is the latest product I bought from the Kiss Ready range. I spent this weekend in Whitianga which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I also got really sunburned, my face especially. When I got home in Auckland, I applied the Kiss Ready face mask, left it for about 20 minutes. Washed it off and immediately I felt how it soothed my face, and it felt so smooth and hydrated and rejuvenated. No more sunburn pain. Thank you Kiss ready!

Susanna, Auckland, New Zealand via Oh Natural 


Yesterday I had so many comments on my skin which makes me super happy but I put a part of it down to this mask as being the main contributor! I've been using this mask at least two times a week, I love how green it is and the smell! When this is on my face I feel like I'm consuming a week's worth of vegetables.

Renee @thehappyorganicgirlau, Melbourne, Australia via Instagram


Pretty much just smeared a green smoothie on my face but my skin feels amazing!

Sarah @sarahdawnmitchell, Melbourne, Australia via Instagram


This is like a powdered salad for your face, when mixed with water creates a seriously green mask. Kale & spinach are mixed with organic oats, chia, ginger, carrot seed, rosemary in a base of zeolite minerals and bentonite clay. My skin feels so soft & smooth after using this.

Michelle @m.s.sophia, ACT, Australia via Instagram


Finally got to trying this last night and it was much needed as I've had a mini breakout this week along my forehead and chin due to lack of sleep and hormonal fluctuations so I was needing something soothing, anti inflammatory and red reducing! Enter She-Hulk in this green beauty mask.

This green bomb of greatness hit it on the head... with beautiful ingredients including a superfood complex (oats, kale, spinach, chia and acai), zeolite minerals, bentonite clay, seed and bush antioxidant oil blend (sweet almond, kunzea, ginger, carrot seed and rosemary), this powerhouse absolutely flooded my face with nutritious content and reintroduced it to a glow that greeted me this morning!

A brilliant mask that I would highly recommend for anyone with redness, skin irritation or sensitive. It is gorgeous, thick, cooling and soothing."

Brig, VIC, Australia via Instagram

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