The Self Care Box - Monthly


Our Autumn Box includes the Delicious Lavender Face Souffle. The skin and its needs change with the season. And as cooler days and nights set upon us, it’s time to start prepping our skin for the colder months ahead. Our Face Souffle is perfect for tran-seasonal weather, when we bid farewell to humidity and say hello to chilly early mornings.

And because we’re about all things Delicious, we also have our Petit Four Dessert Bath Bombs, inspired by Melbourne's best dessert hang outs.

This month, we’ll also have the cutest selection of sturdy succulents from our friends Rustiq Beauty, queens of easy-to-care-for mini succulent plants. Place close to a window and water every two weeks, your little succulent friend is here to remind you to hydrate (skin and body) and to treat yourself every now and then.